My Favorite Game

I am in the middle of downloading World of War Craft and I am growing extremely impatient for it to just be done! My friend Chris from Gateshead escort agency plays and is on level 100. If I play with him I will get a large amount of benefits in the game. The only downside to it all is that I just paid $50.00 to start and from now on $14.99 per month. Even though it sucks to have to pay for the game just to keep it, it is well worth the payments. I do not own any other game systems so I think I deserve to spend a little money on myself for something I love playing. As soon as it is done downloading I am probably going to cancel all my plans for the day and just sit in front of my computer. I just hope this plan works well with my wife.

Just Leave Me Alone

I have a client that I used to spend a lot of time with from the Gatwick airport escorts service two years ago. He just will not leave me alone, he wants a relationship with me! When they book their appointments they are well aware that there are no strings attached and no commitment involved whatsoever.

This man constantly is stalking my Facebook page and posting things to me a hundred times a day. I am afraid that if I delete him that he may get angry. He has showed up at many events that I have attended and I don’t even know how he found out that I would be there. About 3 months ago, he actually relocated about two blocks down from me to be closer to me. He really is starting to creep me out but I do think that he is harmless for now! I make sure that I am always with someone and I won’t be traveling alone anytime soon.

Out Of Control

My daughter was messing up in high school really bad and then she ended up pregnant, I was devastated! She quit school and started working with the Newcastle escort agency, which I was not happy about either. My teenage little girl seemed like she was going downhill and was going to hit rock bottom anytime!

I picked her up and told her that she had to finish school for her son and drove her over to the non-traditional high school that had open enrollment. The great part is that it offers free childcare for her son while she is working on getting her GED. She is doing great and will only be graduating a ½ late and picked up a part time job at our local grocery store. She also participates in some of the basketball and softball sports that they have to offer. I am so glad that my little girl has snapped out of it and is finally back to normal.

Phone At The Bottom Of The Lake

I dropped my brand new phone off of my speed boat in my lake and I was not very happy. That was my first phone that I had actually spent $400 dollars on and I was too cheap to purchase the insurance. The reason that I did not get the insurance is because I had never lost or broke my phone.

Off to the store I went and this time I was only going to grab a cheap phone. The line was pretty long and I had to wait for about 45 minutes. An attractive woman in front of me started chatting with me so I invited her to go home with me and take a ride on my speed boat. It was almost dark by the time we had gotten back to my house but we went for the boat ride anyways. During our little venture I found out that she works for the Birmingham escorts service.

A Trip To London

I have been unemployed for way to long. I really don’t know where to begin to even look for a job. I decided to head out to London in search for something better. Going to London will bring me back to life and make me feel whole again. As I searched for London escort jobs I began to feel better. This is the place I want to be! I walked around enjoying the scenery and the people. Everyone seemed so full of life and wonder. I finally arrived to where I wanted to be. The job search seems to be going successful. Places are hiring and I feel optimistic about it all. London is turning out to be the best choice I have ever made. I don’t think I will ever leave.

She Deserves Nothing But the Best

So I was thinking of possibly applying to the Nottingham escort agency this year. I have heard only good things from the people that work there, so I am thinking it will be a great environment for me. I haven’t had a job in almost four months so I am willing to take what I can get and give it 100%. I understand that my parents will not be happy about my job, but it is something they will need to get over. I need money for rent right now and will do just about anything to make that extra penny to keep a roof over my daughters head. She deserves nothing but the best, and that is exactly what I am going to give her. Luckily for me and her, I had saved my tax refund from last year and was able to help us live comfortably the past four months that I have been unemployed.

Christmas Wish List

Socks, hankies, aftershave and undies. That’s pretty much Christmas every year in a nutshell for me. You know, when family ask you what you’d like for Christmas and you’re far too polite to say “Well a Porsche Carerra wouldn’t go amiss” or “New Year in Sydney”. You daren’t tell them what you really want though, and what you’ve actually been planning to ‘buy’ yourself this year for all the hard work you’ve done since last Christmas! I’ve been thinking about it for a long time but never had the courage to do it. What I’d love more than anything else is a date with one of those beautiful, sexy ladies from Sheffield escorts that keep popping up on my computer screen. Now, that’s what I would call celebrating in style. My only dilemma is which gorgeous young girl to choose.

Appliance Purchase

I had my flat screen television for about eight years and it finally quit working on me. It was well worth is because I paid about two thousand dollars for it, I feel like I got my monies worth out of it. I had been watching the sales on one particular television that I wanted and it finally was five hundred dollars off.

I got up early on a Saturday morning to rush off and get it before they were gone. When I walked into the appliance store, I was bombarded by a bunch of sales people. The first one that made it up to me was a very attractive blonde with bright blue eyes.

She helped me with my purchase and even applied her employee discount, saving me even more money. When she gave me my receipt her phone number was written on it, she has been my fuck buddy ever since that day!

My Wild City

The night life where I live can gets pretty wild at times. Just last weekend there were crowds hanging out on the streets at after 2:00 A.M.. You would think they would have been sent home by the local authorities, but apparently they were invisible that night. When I went outside to speak my mind and ran right into a young lady from Manchester escort agency. I not only knocked her over but spilled her purse all over the sidewalk. I apologized up and down, than helped her pick up her belongings off the ground. After embarrassing myself, I went right back upstairs for the rest of the night. I thought about going down there again but figured they all saw what happened and I felt like a complete idiot about the incident, so I decided against it.